A life for a life: Devil Mom Debra Jeter Sentenced

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Debra Jeter AP Photo
HILLSBORO, TX -- Debra Jeter, convicted for a brutal act she committed June 5th, 2009, will receive life in prison for slaughtering her youngest daughter and attempting to murder her oldest. On Tuesday, May 25th, 2010, Debra

Per the plea agreement, Jeter pleaded guilty to a life sentence on the attempted capital murder charge and life without parole on the capital murder charge. Debra told her lawyer, "the most compassionate thing she could do for her surviving daughter would be to plead guilty."

All murders are chilling, but what Debra Jeter purportrated that day almost a year ago was simply evil. The two girls were greeted by their mother that fateful afternoon as she asked, "Wanna have some fun?" Luring her girls, Kiersten (13) and Kelsey (12), by telling them she had a surprise for them, Debra picked them up from her estranged husband, Lee Jeter. Her daughters were prepared to spend the weekend with mom. She told them they would be singing American Idol songs and reading books together...

jeterkidsnvestigators found, what can only be called an eerie message on Kiersten's MySpace page the day before:

“I get to see my mom tomorrow! Yay!” she wrote.

Lee had a restraining order against Debra after an attempted suicide on May 21, 2009.

In his request for the order, Lee Jeter wrote he was “concerned about her possible actions regarding the children.”

But in a June 4, 2009, hearing, Lee Jeter fatefully granted his wife unsupervised visits with their daughters thus ending the restraining order against Debra.

Debra, training to be a nurse, calculated her crime. She drove around to find the best spot to kill her kids. She eventually found an abandoned house.

The act is so brutal and cold hearted that I warn you the facts are disturbing.

Debra reportedly slashed Kelsey and Kiersten's throats and told them to run around because it would help them bleed out.

In the process Kiersten, the oldest ,was stabbed multiple times in the back while trying to protect her sister from her mother's vicious attack.

Three hours after Debra picked her daughters up--she called 9-1-1.

Debra Jeter's 911 call is almost as horrific as the crimes she purportrated. She is cold, factual and almost arrogant about her crimes. The tape of the 911 call was released after the decision

Hear the entire 911 call below (warning it is explicit and disturbing):

Debra Jeter 911 Call sound bite